Cultural Competence

Fear, anger, and frustration abroad often come from ignorance and isolation. The best way to avoid this is to learn about and understand the people around you. Increasing your cultural intellingence, or CQ, can go a long way to making your daily life one you look forward to rather than one you dread. Find out more HERE.

English Competence

I offer a variety of dynamic lessons focused on your needs. If you really want to challenge your abilities and improve, whether for your personal or professional life goals, I can help. Holistic and skill-specific classes, such as pronunciation, are available, as well as an assessment to create a personalized learning plan. Find out more HERE.

Employment Competence

Getting hired for the work you desire and moving up within the company is not solely based on your qualifications or concrete skills; your ability to express yourself fully for interviews and presentations is also key, as is your writing. I can help you organize your thoughts and feel at ease in both cases. Find out more HERE.