Who I Am

KeyraMy name is Keyra Conlinn–my passport says Canadian, but my heart has always been global.

I am very much a people person and love to interact and grow through that interaction; I really enjoy helping others do so as well. To this end, I have been trained as a teacher, as well as a life coach.

I’ve taught English in language schools in Canada and South Korea, as well as online to students from Brazil, Russia, China, Poland, and more. I’ve always believed in dynamic classes, where students learn as much through experience as through their books, and I challenge students and clients to step out of their comfort zones.  What that means is different for everyone; for some it’s approaching strangers to ask questions, but for others it might be making personal contact (like giving a hug) or using less formal language with people often considered in positions of authority.

But, learning to speak another language is not enough if you plan to live somewhere else; you need more than words. You need an awareness of what others expect of you and a basic understanding of, or openness to, the different ways of thinking and living that the people there have…if you hope to enjoy your time abroad.

I have, over the past few years, gotten more and more into incorporating such understanding into my interactions with students and people from countries different from my own. I have spent a lot of time observing others, as well as interviewing them formally and informally. I have noticed that what’s missing for them, when they travel to abroad or when they interact with foreigners in their own country, is knowledge of what is acceptable and what is not and how to use the words they’re taught in proper context–they’re not learning this in their language schools or companies.

I’m also sadly aware that too many people have no concept of other cultures beyond what they see on the news, (which, lets face it, is either clips of a festival or news of a conflict) and little concept of alternate forms of daily life or how we are connected even to those far away. That’s not to say that they don’t care; they just don’t see the relevance or get enough exposure.

This is now where my focus is in relation to coaching. I help people in multicultural environments or unfamiliar cultural environments weave their way through the adventure of being global, a new aspect to the already complicated process of relocation. I draw on concepts of cultural awareness in addition to the personal experience of resettling on 3 continents, in order to help you thrive in your new home.

I genuinely encourage your participation and contribution, as the more I can learn from you, the more help I can give to others.

Love and Light,
Keyra Conlinn

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