Make Global Connections
My mission is to bring people together while raising them up. We are all connected, even across borders and cultures; as one person reaches their potential, they then have the ability to help others do so as well.

To that end, this website, and its associated platforms, has three main aims:

1. Share my stories and what I’ve learned in my varied life to help those living abroad (or in multicultural surroundings) to understand cultural factors that distinguish what they grew up with and who they are from where they are now and who they are with.

2. Provide resources and ideas for improving interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, as well as the process of transitioning to life abroad.

3. Offer services to help individuals to reach their global life goals.

I’m glad you’re here. I encourage you to explore, discover, learn, and grow–expanding your experience and your network can bring more to your life than you can imagine.

Love and light,

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