Do you have questions about me, my purpose, or my services?

Do you have questions regarding your own experience abroad or with another culture that you don’t want to share publicly? Would like to share with me about your experience, positive or negative?

Do you work with foreigners–have foreign business partners, employees, or coworkers and need some help relating?

Are you planning to travel to Canada or have you just arrived? Are you nervous, experiencing difficulty, or find yourself with a lot of questions?

Are you traveling abroad for the first time (or to a place you haven’t yet been) and feel uncertain about what that might be like?

Do you need support with learning or teaching English?

Are you looking to create a more globally-minded curriculum?

Connect with me here for information, or to discuss the best course of action for you.


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This channel is here to inspire people to experience the diverse cultures in their city and around the globe. I dare you to become global--expand the possibilities for your life by traveling, learning other languages, and building an international network of friends and business associates...set no limits on yourself and find ways around the limits others try to impose.

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