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Are you looking for work in an English-speaking country or with an international company which uses English as the main language of communication? Are you worried about your resume? Are you aware that there are standard formats that are considered professional?

Your resume, or C.V. (curriculum vitae), is the first exposure potential employers have to you; it’s important to make the right impression. If you are applying for a job in Canada, it is necessary to understand what the company you’re applying to is looking for and how to present that in your resume, how to highlight the skills and experience you have that makes you a right fit for them.

You need to be aware that the rules about what personal details to include (age, race, religion, nationality, or appearance) vary internationally and say only what’s necessary. There is also a very specific format used to present the information in a way that’s clear and appealing to the person (hiring manager or supervisor) who will read it; a resume should not be colorful or flashy with artistic borders or graphics.

Allow us to review and revamp your resume to improve your chance of finding employment. Additionally, your cover letter or motivation letter allows you to add further details that aren’t appropriate to put in the resume. We can advise and assist with this as well. In either case, basic content must be provided and you must be available for consultation for clarification of details or missing information either by phone or email.

$45 for the first hour and $35 for every hour afterward to be billed via paypal invoice. Edited resume and accompanying letters are returned to client upon receipt of payment.


Do you have a job interview coming up? What about a scholarship or internship interview? Be prepared to ace it!

The interview can make or break your chances for success at whatever it is you are applying for; it is your chance to stand out above the rest by speaking clearly with confidence and ease. You do this by practicing in a realistic way. You will learn the effective way to structure all answers and what content, specific to you, is best to present.

Are you applying for an international school within your country or for a university abroad that requires an entry essay? We can either work with you to improve your overall writing, which will help with your future studies, or edit what you’ve created so that it clearly expresses you and your intended message.


Are you required to make presentations in class or present reports in meetings at work? Does the idea of public speaking bring up anxiety? Speak your way to success.

How you present yourself directly impacts how you are perceived. There are many situations in life where you must put extra care and focus on this—when you are speaking in front of others to present information to potential investors, teach a class/seminar, or inspire an audience. Role play will be used at times to put students in authentic situations, such as the aforementioned, and parts of some sessions will also be recorded for review as a learning tool.

Presenting yourself involves the words you use and the way you use them, the use of your voice for clarity, emphasis, and impact and your body language, which includes how you look, how you sit, how you gesture and how you show emotion with your facial expressions. Understanding this involves understanding various aspects of culture.

Combining all these things can be challenging especially when you add nervousness into the mix. The emotion you bring into the space via your thought patterns and expectations will greatly influence your outcome. Allow me to help make sure you’re ready for that next important moment in your life where others are waiting to hear you speak.

We can work together to prepare you for any of these common life situations. I offer a safe space for you to overcome any fears that exist; though we will, of course look at the practical elements related to the situation including the types of questions asked and the importance of particular body language, we will also work on mindset–it really is key to success in anything.

I will offer constructive feedback, as well as encouragement. I will offer observations of your strengths and suggestions for the areas you could improve upon.

Role play portions of the sessions will also be recorded so that you can have a record of your progress.

Connect here to arrange a consult.

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