Treasured Memories

Hello Everyone,

Here is an assortment of pictures to show the diversity of people with which I have worked. I have included pictures in the classroom, as well as pictures of various social and cultural activities and places we’ve gone. There are also some pictures to give a well-rounded and open view of myself as a further introduction.

As a teacher, I try to give students real life experiences and challenge them outside the classroom as well as inside. As a leader, I encourage them to expand their perspectives by interacting with different people and trying new things.

I urge clients to celebrate their own cultures by sharing them with others because it is often through others that we learn about ourselves.

Thank you to all those who agreed to have their pictures posted!
Love and light,

  • 80s Party LimboThat's as low as I can go..
  • Advanced Class
  • Advanced Crew
  • African Storytelling
  • Art Gallery
  • At the Whiteboard Again
  • At the Whiteboard
  • Brazilian Crew
  • CelebrationGo out together.
  • InsadongFirst time trying on a Korean hanbok.
  • Chicken Lasagne Cooking Lesson
  • Christmas at the Gardens
  • Christmas Party Group
  • Christmas Party
  • Cinderella Opera
  • Class at Christmas
  • Class Participation Prize Winners
  • Class Photo
  • Classroom Decor (1)I encourage students to value their own heritage as much as an other.
  • Classroom Decor (2)Canada on one side...
  • Classroom Decor (3)Korea on the other side..
  • English Bay, Vancouver
  • Dragonboat Festival
  • Food court money at the Dragonboat Festival
  • Formal (1)
  • Formal (2)
  • Formal (3)
  • Gingerbread
  • Graduation Day (1)Celebrate with new friends.
  • Graduation Day (2)
  • Graduation Day (3)Congratulations.
  • Granville Island
  • Granville tour Scavenger hunt throughout the island market.
  • Greek RestaurantTaste new foods.
  • Grocery Shopping ExperienceMaking dinner on a budget challenge.
  • HalloweenDont be afraid to become someone new.
  • Harbour Tower Sightseeing
  • Hawaiian Day
  • Horseshoe Bay (2)
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Ice Skating
  • In a TreeEncouraging students to go wild?
  • In ClassGetting up close with students...breaking down barriers of authority.
  • International Jazz Festival
  • Jenny
  • Korean Elementary School Students
  • Korean English ClassIt's always amazing how fast those who put in the effort can improve.
  • Korean English StudentsChallenging even shy students to be bold.
  • Korean Kids' ProgramSometimes it's necessary to be a kid to make others feel safe.
  • Korean Mom's Class
  • Lunar New Year  (1)
  • Lunar New Year  (2)Year of the rabbit parade.
  • Mom in KoreaGiving my mother her first international experience.
  • Museum of AnthropologyGetting students to explore the past.
  • Night Out
  • On the Bus to Somewhere
  • Oriental Medicine ClinicAdapting to different health culture.
  • Paintball CrewWhat I wouldn't do to encourage new experiences..
  • Paintball Pals
  • Pancakes Cooking Lesson with Fruit Salad
  • Rockies Summer (2)
  • Rockies Summer (3)
  • Rockies Summer (4)
  • Rockies Summer (5)
  • Rockies Summer (6)
  • Rockies Summer (7)
  • Rockies Summer (8)
  • Rockies Summer (9)
  • Rockies Summer (10)
  • Salsa Lessons (1)Experiencing new things together.
  • Salsa Lessons (2)
  • Santa and Friends
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • Saying GoodbyeNever easy...
  • Seesaw FunPlay together!
  • Skiing (1)
  • Skiing (2)
  • Skiing (3)
  • Skiing (4)The bus full of students I took skiing...great day.
  • Snow
  • Snowtubing (1)Definitely a new experience for many...
  • Snowtubing (2)
  • Snowtubing (3)
  • Snowtubing (4)
  • Snowtubing (5)
  • Soccer DayNot afraid to put myself in the mix.
  • Social Event
  • Social
  • The Rockies Winter (1)
  • The Rockies Winter (2)
  • The Rockies Winter (3)Lake Louise
  • Tukkong MusulKorean mixed martial art.
  • TwisterLet's get twisted!
  • Vancouver's 125th
  • Vancouver's BirthdayMany students shocked at how patiently people were waiting for their little piece of giant birthday cake.
  • Weekend 030
  • Lake Louise
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