Dare to Be Global Services

I believe that each individual’s purpose relates to serving others in some way and I believe that we are given talents and passions in order to direct us to what that is.

I discovered early that others are comfortable speaking with me and being vulnerable with me and this allows me to help them go through their personal process, whatever that may be, towards their own goals of self-improvement, personal growth, or simply coping with challenges and succeeding in daily life. When I see that I have contributed to helping an individual move forward or move up in their lives, at least within their own view, I feel a sense of peaceful energy that brings me joy as well.

Teachers have always been a positive presence in my life. I strive to emulate the best that I’ve had. I have the patience to support and encourage even the most self-defeated of students, who can’t see their own potential to learn. I challenge my students to try things they might not have thought of, to make learning authentic, to think in new and broader ways and to enjoy the journey, including the mistakes.

I hope that through my passions, I can help you live yours.

Each of the services are described separately, and in more detail. Contact me with any questions or to schedule your sessions.

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