Cultural Competence

Innovative Ideas for International Living

Innovative Ideas for International and Intercultural Living


There are many challenges that are unique to intercultural interactions and you needn’t face them alone. The sense of overwhelm or conflicts which may arise, when approached with a new perspective, can often be diffused in a peaceful manner. At the very least, new understanding might help you to come to terms with adjustments you need to make.

There are also specific challenges when dealing with cultural diversity in the classroom, workplace or neighbourhood.  I can help you manage these moments and create more harmonious environments by establishing a deeper understanding that comes from a place of compassion.

Allow me to help you live with, deal with, learn from, and love difference so that you and those around you can share and have a mutually rewarding experience. Also, you may not be as different as you think, so we will explore cultural similarities as well.

I Can Help You If…

You are living abroad in a country to which you’ve never been or have little knowledge of.

You work for a company or business that hires foreign employees; newcomers to the country, sojourners on work permits, or employees on exchange from branches abroad.

You work for a company with branches abroad with which you have regular contact.

You work for a school, public or private, which hosts international students.

You live in a very multicultural city where there is great diversity of culture in your neighbourhood, or find yourself in a neighbourhood dominantly populated by a culture you’re unfamiliar with.

I Can Help You…

— Understand how to prepare for life abroad; what types of things you might want to bring or learn in advance, and what types of things nothing can prepare you for.

— Deal with conflicts or situations you may be unhappy with or confused about.

— Understand your students’, employees’, or co-workers’ behaviour, talk you through conversing with them for understanding. Gain a broader perspective of why other people do what they do.

— Handle the frustration of not being understood, and possibly even being feared (which is something that arises
particularly in areas where people from other countries are not common visitors or residents).

— Understand how differences in your nonverbal language or social rules can greatly impact your relationship and interfere with productivity at work.

— Discover your own cultural lens’ through which you view, and possibly judge, others thereby understanding your reactions to what people around you say or do.

— Understand how different educational or business culture, such as directness vs. indirectness in writing and in negotiating or making proposals, can cause misunderstandings.

— Make international friends and build networks/relationships.

— Understand how to prepare for the job hunt and job interviews (in English speaking countries).

— Cope with and work through feelings of culture shock and homesickness.

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Let Dare to Be Global create a curriculum imbued with cultural awareness for you.


If you own or manage an English language school and would like to reinvent your curriculum to make it stand out for developing strong, globally-minded individuals, or if you’re just opening a school and want it to be different from the start, allow me to help you design a curriculum that is unique, appealing, and effective.

Many things will be taken into consideration upon consultation, including:

— the type of school/educational institution
— the location,
— the school’s mission,
— the structure of the management,
— the processes in place for quality assurance
— the student body,
— the teaching staff, and
— the resources available.

The information you provide about the specifications of your school, as well as your intentions, is pivotal. Education is one of my highest values and I take my creative projects very seriously–design is merely the first step in the process which must have potential for implementation.

I look forward to working with schools which hope to encourage inclusion, interaction, a positive attitude, and a global perspective. My designs will involve developing the individual on a wider scale than simply linguistic terms, looking at the personal and interpersonal skills needed for success in today’s world.

To learn more, contact me here.

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