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Whether you are a native English speaker or a non native English speaker, I can help with all your editing needs. If you want your business to appear professional, have your publications of all types double-checked before being printed.

I have experience editing various kinds of writing, including press releases and promotional material, medical papers, research reports, university essays, and newspaper/journal articles.

I look at more than just spelling and basic grammar; I examine word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, formatting, as well as, coherence and cohesion (clarity and effectiveness).

I charge by the hour, so the cost will depend on the length of the writing and the amount of correction required. Track changes will be used for Microsoft files; if that is not available, major changes will be highlighted for easy review with notes added. Comments will be put in (brackets) if I am unclear of your intention or what you’re trying to say.

Upon request, I can also include a list of suggestions in regards to your most common errors, for your learning and future work.

Once the editing is complete, you will be notified of the charge via paypal, and the writing will be returned after payment has been confirmed.

If requested, you may also have a free 20 minute follow-up consultation via skype after you have reviewed the changes that have been made/advised.

Finally, be warned that I will not correct what is not your writing. It is quite clear when an entire piece or portion of writing has been put through an online translation program such as that offered by google. Those should be used only as dictionaries for single words or SHORT phrases, not entire sentences or more.

To inquire or make arrangements, contact here.


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