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We'll discover the best way to get the results you need.

We’ll discover the best way to get the results you need and create a personalized learning plan.



The evaluation is NOT a test with a score, something you can fail, but rather a way for you to get feedback about where you currently are in order to move forward to where you want to be with your language learning goals.

It will consist of the following:

A: a 40-minute video call (10 minutes of reading out loud, 10 minutes discussing a topic given in advance, and 20 minutes of spontaneous conversation) which will be recorded for you.

B: submission of a writing assessment form.

C: submission of a learning style assessment form.

D: a written report on the results of all of the above.

E: a 30-minute follow-up coaching session to discuss the results, the recommendations, or any further questions you may have.

There are many aspects to language learning. We will discuss those elements so I can help you understand your personal learning style(s) and thus, how best for you to learn a new language. We will look at your current strengths and weaknesses and I will offer suggestions in regards to your greatest areas of need, including strategies for improvement.

We will also address any obstacles you may be facing–things that may interfere with your ability to learn effectively. You will come away from this evaluation with a holistic, and positive, outlook on your potential for successful language learning.

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Keyra in the ClassroomAs a trained teacher, with a 4 year degree in Linguistics and TESL Canada certification, as well as experience with diverse students at all levels, I can help you to learn through online lessons. We may work with an assortment of textbooks, as well as worksheets and media, such as songs and video. We can work on integrative (all areas combined) skills or focus on an area of your concern, such as pronunciation, grammar, listening, etc…


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, and starting with vocabulary, or advanced and just want to polish up your skills; I offer a variety of classes to help you accomplish your learning goals. All you need is a stable internet connection and a positive attitude.

The language taught in classes will be based on North American English, but the differences between it and other forms of English will sometimes be discussed. The lesson format and content will depend on your current level and particular needs. The frequency of lessons will depend on scheduling, yours and mine.


(Age 15 and up)

Adult studying English

Courses offered cater to different levels and needs. Sessions are 50 minutes long to allow space for any technical difficulties or unexpected delays.

In all cases, students are expected to participate in their learning by providing honest feedback regarding lessons, contributing ideas, making requests, and asking questions if they do not understand due to technical issues with sound quality, the speed at which a lesson is being given, or the difficulty of the topic, etc…Also, aspects of ‘English’ and global culture will be included as language and culture cannot be separated.

Students, as adults, often have many responsibilities and demands upon them; thus, will be given assignments according to the amount of time they are able to devote to studying between lessons. Students should be clear about their schedules and the amount of time they can realistically commit to.

Beginner Program:


This program helps beginner to low intermediate students with all aspects of the English language through a variety of source material including; textbooks and supplementary m. This is a holistic approach to learning, including all skill areas.

Intermediate Program:


This class focuses on conversation for business or everyday life. It will look at conversation strategies and offer you plenty of opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills.

Through discussion of various topics, you will also expand your vocabulary and grammar through usage. Interactive lessons, such as these, are a great way to gain confidence in presenting your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with a native speaker.

Students should read the article or consider the assigned topic prior to class and have a notebook on hand for on-the-spot corrections. They are also encouraged to bring questions to class regarding things you may have read or heard that you find confusing in regards to grammar, pronunciation, or word use (slang/idioms/proverbs).

Advanced Program:


This focuses on language (verbal and nonverbal) for business and/or situations where advanced speaking skills are required such as in debating, persuading or leading meetings. It will look at correct word usage according to context and complex, but understandable, sentence structure.

Through discussion on various topics, sometimes based on articles, you will also expand your vocabulary and grammar through usage. Role play will also be used to put students in authentic situations. Learn to present your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with clarity, conciseness, and the appropriate level of formality.

Coaching through the challenges that arise at this level, particularly when speaking publicly or formally, will also be a key component of this program.

Contact me with questions or to book your sessions. If one of these programs does not meet your needs, we can discuss what might work best for you.

Dare to Be Global English for Adults


(Early Learning Success)

Children learning English

This program is meant for children ages 8-14 years old (international age). A headset (earphones with built-in microphone) should be provided for clearer communication and materials, such as textbooks, notebooks, homework/practice worksheets, and writing tools should be ready prior to class.  

Stage One: Vocabulary Power

This is for beginners; it is theme-based and focuses on categories of words (body parts, food, weather, etc…) to give a basis for sound production and comprehension. Parents will be given a list of commands and basic phrases they will be asked to translate for the child to aid in the flow of the interaction time (if necessary).

This is meant as a short-term, introduction or review program; once complete, depending on age and level, student will then proceed to stage two or directly to stage three.

Stage Two: Let’s Learn!

An early learner’s textbook series is used that introduces students to basic sentences, patterns, rhythm and conversation. It is full of pictures to assist in understanding and students should be able to participate with minimal parental involvement at this point.

If parents have any time, they can review the completed chapters with the children outside of class. 30 minutes of each class will be spent with the all skills book and 15 minutes will be spent reading from another young learners’ series.

Stage Three: Growing Up with English

This is an ongoing, holistic language program for children who already have a basis in vocabulary, structure, and pronunciation.

An age and ability appropriate textbook is chosen for collaborative, long-term study; supplementary material is also used to reinforce the textbook topics. Students, often already burdened with homework from regular classes, will be given small assignments after each lesson.

Study will involve all language skills; reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and pronunciation but a focus on particular skills can be requested by parents with a somewhat personalized curriculum. Error correction will be overt and given in the moment, but done so with encouragement so they are unafraid to continue trying. Materials and discussion topics will be chosen according to relevance for the student; a 9-year-old, for example, doesn’t need to know about the stock market.

Parents are welcome to ‘sit in’ on classes occasionally to observe their child’s progress, but are asked not to correct them during the class and to keep assistance to a minimum to allow for more accurate evaluation of the child.

Contact with any questions or to book an introduction meeting.

Dare to Be Global Kids Classes


Well-balanced grammar and writing.

Writing is a higher level skill, even in one’s native language, and only comes naturally to a few; thus these lessons are open to English speakers as well as non-native English speakers.

In order to produce a successful piece of writing, one first has to know the style expected and the audience and then work from there on things such as spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, and transitions. Things such as descriptive language and literary techniques can later bring the piece to life.

Writing is a process which, if understood, can bring about impressive results–there is much more to it than simply having accurate information or an abundance of imagination. It is a skill that is needed throughout life–whether you are writing essays for school, a thesis to receive your degree, emails to clients, or proposals for prospective clients, your success is dependent on how effectively you communicate your ideas. Also, spelling and grammar errors are glaringly obvious when making power point presentations because the writing included is minimal and super-sized; impressions are everything in business and this can affect them. So, get the instruction you need to improve your ability to write clearly and concisely, coherently and cohesively; share your message in a way that is understood and remembered.

Lessons can be tailored to your immediate writing needs or can be offered in a scaffolding manner, starting with concepts that will create a strong foundation and then gradually build upon it. Supplementary materials such as a grammar workbook or writing guide, for self-study or in class work, may be recommended. Students must be willing to commit to study time in between classes and are responsible for completing assignments to be discussed in class.

Regular sessions are 50 minutes and involve going over pieces submitted, as well as key points of grammar and structure. It may be possible to have two sessions in a row for more dedicated studies if a sutiable time can be arranged.

This is for people aged 14+ (international age) with at least a low intermediate level of English (if not a native English speaker). Students must submit sample writings prior to the first class.


confident speaker

If you are applying for a job with international clientele, especially in the tourist industry, where much of your interaction is face-to-face, this course can provide you with a significant advantage over other applicants. If you are working for an international company which uses English as its main language of communication, and have to lead meetings or frequently make presentations, it is important for your message to be received clearly; this course can help. If you are planning to travel and want to be sure you’ll be understood where you go, this course can give you that confidence. Be happy speaking with anyone anywhere without worrying about how you sound.

This focused program looks specifically at your individual pronunciation difficulties to improve your ability to be understood and your message to be received as you are intending it. It will also speak to common ways English varies according to speaker, thus improving your ability to comprehend various accents/dialects spoken by others.

There are 3 elements examined in this program:

  • The first is sounds produced, as they are said in the alphabet and as they are said within words, which can often differ.
  • The second element is stress within words and stress within sentences.
  • The third, and last element, is the use of your voice for emphasis and emotion, assuring that the tone in your voice matches the topic being discussed

To participate, you will be assigned an excerpt of some kind of writing to record using www.vocaroo.com (a simple recording application online), or another Mp3 program of your choice. This must be sent 24 hours prior to the session, so that it can be thoroughly analyzed. The class time will be spent going step-by-step through the recording/excerpt and practicing those elements that most need attention. You will be expected to print the excerpt so that you can make notes, in a way that will be most helpful to you, as we work together on it.


Reading Comprehension

If you love to read in your own language, and want to be able to do it equally well in English, this program is for you.

You will learn valuable reading strategies that will be helpful across various types of texts.

Contact to discuss class focus or to schedule lessons.


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