Tales of Our Time Together

I’d truly appreciate it if you could answer any of the following questions so other people can know more about me (who I am and what I do) from different perspectives. If you are not a native English speaker, I encourage you to write also in your native language.

  • Has your English ability improved since working with me, or how is my teaching different?
  • How did I help you adapt or have a memorable experience during your time in Canada?
  • How have I helped you feel more comfortable with native English speakers or other foreigners?
  • How have I helped you gain new perspectives or increase your understanding of other cultures?
  • What learning or new understanding, if any, did you gain from our time together?
  • What type of writing did I edit for you and how did you feel about the corrections and suggestions?
  • In what context do we know each other and why do you believe I can help others?
  • How has working with me improved your personal or professional development?

Thank you for sharing.

16 comments on “Tales of Our Time Together
  1. Mariana Loch says:

    Keyra was my english teacher when I did my exchange program to Vancouver. Not only my teacher, but my friend as well!! I could learn a lot about the canadian culture, gained some vocabulary and also had a lot of fun at parties with her! Keyra, just want you to know that I am thankful to have met you! You´ve made my trip much more special! Miss you! 🙂

  2. Tiffanie says:

    A mutual friend connected Keyra and I before I headed over to Seoul to spend some time living and working. Keyra was already there and when we met, I knew she was a hard-working, organized and welcoming person as I felt familiar with her from the beginning. She and I were fortunate enough to spend some time getting to know one another and enjoying the food and culture of Korea. I noticed immediately how intelligent and knowledgeable she was – I was always learning more and more about Korea during my time with her. She has a way of putting all those around her at ease and the amount of effort she puts into organizing enjoyable events for friends from varying backgrounds is very evident.

    I would highly recommend Keyra as a travel partner, a language and culture instructor/guide and, of course, a good pal 🙂

  3. apachai says:

    Hello every bady,
    I’m frensh (and no apachai is not my true name kkk)and Keyra was one of my teacher in canada (IH school). keyra are strict teacher i remember she give me a red carte because i spoke freind in class kkkk no keyra is very nice and crazy girl not good on salsa but she is good in fighting .
    What else if you have question about keyra the best it’s to ask keyra lol.

    Alors j’avais préparé tout une réponse qui faisait plus de 20 lignes mais j’ai tout effacé j’ai la rage. Alors je vais faire plus cour ce coup ci lol.
    Pour mes amis francophone a qui l’anglais donne des sueurs froide :
    Alors Keyra était l’un de mes professeurs d’anglais quand j’ai séjourné à Vancouver. J’ai passé de très bon moment en ça compagnie notamment les cour de salsa organisé par l’école ( entre nous la danse n’est pas vraiment son point fort je dis ça en espérant qu’elle ne comprendra pas dés fois que ça passe inaperçu dans la traduction mdr)par contre elle a l’aire plus doué en tant que pratiquante d’arts martiaux (comprenez pourquoi j’espère que mon petit com au dessus passe inaperçu mdr).
    J’ai passé de tres bon moment en compagnie de Keyra et de mes camarde de classe et il est difficile de revenir dans ca petite routine après une tel expérience mais bon comme on dit dans le show business “show must go on”

    • I will keep your name private, as you have not mentioned it, but of course I know who you are. We had some wonderful times in class and during school activities. Yes, you dance salsa better than I do and your more skilled in martial arts, too, but it was nonetheless lovely that we had these two interests in common. 🙂

  4. I knew Keyra in Vancouver, when I was doing my exchange program. Keyra was in many moments with me in Canada… at school, trips, tours, partys…
    She so funny and she really helped me in my Canada’s time. She gave a lot of suggestions to travel, to go out, to entertain, to play…
    Her company it’s so special, because you can to see the places with a differents points of view. I really appreciated it!

    • Thanks, Fernanda. I love to introduce people, especially those as curious and open-minded as yourself, to new experiences and new possibilities. I’m glad you had a great time. 🙂

  5. Maria Julia says:

    Primeiramente eu queria falar o quão o Canadá é maravilhoso, e se você tem a oportunidade de ir, de verdade, não deixe essa oportunidade escapar. Além de conhecer lugares maravilhosos, aprender mais sobre a língua e a cultura, você pode conhecer pessoas incríveis e que irão te ajudar muito nessa experiência, uma dessas pessoas foi a Keyra 🙂
    A conheci logo nos primeiros dias que cheguei em Vancouver na escola onde estudei inglês. Porém tive a oportunidade de conhece-la melhor na viagem incrível que fizemos para Rocky Mountains. Com certeza a alegria, a vontade de conhecer mais sobre as pessoas, e a vontade de tornar aquele momento inesquecível que Keyra tinha fez com que a viagem fosse ainda melhor, tenho boas recordações sobre tudo isso 🙂 Aprendi muito no Canadá, foi uma experiência incrível na qual jamais irei me esquecer, levei muitos “puxões de orelha” da Keyra por falar português o tempo inteiro, mas tenho certeza que ela só fez isso para o meu bem. Só tenho a agradece-lá por ser uma pessoa na qual jamais irei me esquecer e que fez parte da melhor experiência da minha vida!!!

    First I wanted to mention how Canada is wonderful, and if you have the opportunity to go, really, don’t let it go. In Canada you can visit wonderful places, learn more about the language and the culture and you can meet amazing people and they will help you a lot of in this experience, one of those people was Keyra:)
    I met her in the first days after I arrived in Vancouver at the school where I studied English (IH). But I had the opportunity to know her better in the incredible trip that we did to the Rocky Mountains. Surely the joy, the desire to know more about the people, and the desire to make an unforgettable moment that Keyra had made the trip even better, I have good memories about it:) I learned a lot in Canada, it was an awesome experience that I will never forget, and I can’t forget Keyra telling me all the time”stop speak portuguese you came here to speak english not to improve your portuguese ” but I’m sure she only did it to my well. I can only say thanks, she is a person that I will never forget and she is a part of my experience, the best experience of my life!

    • haha, yes, I scolded from a place of love. You only had a short time in Canada, and I suspected that you would want to make the best use of it, and I believe you did. Your enthusiasm and energy was a joy to be around. 🙂

  6. Justin says:

    Sometimes I’ve got to speak English with foreigners 8 hours a day and lasting several days for the sake of work, I am so proud of the capability because only me in our company can do this. Everytime my boss sees me always gives me a big smile,haha…
    I didn’t use to be so confident before, Keyral helped me much.It was 2 years years ago I found her in website and I have studied Engish with her arround 1 and half years. Basically I practice oral English with her 5 times a week, once a hour. We always have so many topics, never be bored. She corrects my sentence and pronounciation but never affact the fluency of our conversation.My listening and speaking have improved, and I gradually like speaking with foreigners.
    Actually my daughter studied with her at first, so far she has been studying English with her almost 2 years. Although she is only 10 years old, her pronounciation and listening are even better than mine, her American style pronounciation really superise me. She started with Keyra from baby Engish, using books such as Treasures and Side by Side, study all aspects of Engish, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Now my daughter can speak a lot of English, write short articles, and her vocabulary is over 1,000.
    Besides, she is really a patient,considerate, sunny, enthusiastic and inteligent, meanwhile also beautiful and graceful.
    Keyra is a good teacher and a good person, that’s what I wanna say.
    有时我因为工作原因不得不和外国人一天说8个小时英语, 有时会持续几天, 我为此也感到非常的自得, 呵呵, 因为在我们公司只有我能做到。 每次老板见到我总是给我一个大大的微笑。。。
    我以前说英语可没有这么自信, Key给了我很大的帮助。我是两年前在网上找到她的, 跟她学英语差不多一年半的时间。基本上我一周5次, 一次一小时和Keya练习口语, 我们总是有很多的话题, 从来不感到枯燥。 她经常纠正我的句子和发音, 但从不影响会话的流畅性。 我的听说能力提高了很多, 渐渐地开始喜欢和外国人讲话了。
    实际上是我女儿先跟她学英语的, 到现在差不多两年了。 虽然她只有10岁, 她的发硬和听力甚至比我好了, 她的美式发音很让我吃惊。 她是从很初级开始的, 使用了英语教材, 像是Treasures, Side by Side, 在听说读写各方面进行学习。 现在她可以说很多英语了, 也可以写些短文, 词汇量超过了1000.
    另外, 她是一个耐心, 体谅, 阳光热情和聪慧的老师, 同时还很漂亮优雅哦, 呵呵。
    其实我想说Keyra是一个好老师, 也是个好人。

    • Justin, thank you for sharing how you feel both about your lessons and Carol’s. I’ve really enjoyed working with both of you; Carol definitely has a lot of your curiosity and passion for learning. I look forward to your continued progress. 🙂

  7. Michael Gao says:

    We met with Keyra in Amsterdam in early of 2013. We were looking for an English tutor for my son who had a lot of difficulties in essay writing and with a lot of spelling/grammar problems. Fortunately we found Keyra. At the very beginning, we had very deep communication on my son’s issues as well as our expectations—he comes from a Chinese family, but we wish he could write just like native English speakers. Keyra understood our expectations quite well, and designed a customized program for my son. The program mainly focus on improving writing skills, covering all kinds of topics, from easy to hard. Meanwhile, Keyra embedded the grammar and spelling lessons when she review and explain the writing works with my son. In addition, Keyra also recommended a lot of web resources and books for my son so that he can systematically practice the writing, spelling and writing skills. We know she must have spent a lot of time in searching those materials, and only she can find out those materials just meet my son’s needs. With Keyra’s help, my soon’s English level improved dramatically in one year. Writing essays is no more an obstacle for him. One day he even told us that he is the number 1 grammar expert in his class in an International school in Amsterdam.

    A million thanks to Keyra.

  8. Matthew says:

    When I think of my time with Keyra, I reflect on three very important things; these three things are relationship, knowledge, and enjoyment. The first one is relationship. Keyra takes time to invest in you. She listens to your needs and finds ways to develop your skills to benefit your life. The second thing is Knowledge. As a teacher and linguist, she has studied and developed materials to help individuals to adapt to living and learning within the context of a new culture. The third area I recommend from her methods, is enjoyment. No matter what you do with her, she knows that if you enjoy your time, you are likely to remember the processes. Living in a new cultural context opens doors to take the hobbies you do and put a whole new spin on them as you learn and adapt within the culture. For example: I played ping-pong in Canada and, for me, it was just about the “perfect serve.” In Korea, I saw how ping-pong was about learning a “perfect technique.” With Keyra, though, she invited many people out to play ping-pong together to just play and enjoy our time as we learned from each other. So we played, laughed and inter-mixed cultures. Keyra has been a positive influence and continues to be a valued friend in my life.

    Culture contains a word, a thought, a gesture!
    Wrapped in mystery and allure.
    Revealed through friendship, compassion and patience.
    There are times of frustration and failure.
    Yet they can be opportune to learn from.
    Music, drama, art, sport just examples to bare.
    As we reach out hand in hand, spirit in spirit
    For a smiling face, a warm embrace.
    We hope and know. Culture brings us closer together.

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